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Iddo Dror (International Livestock Research Institute); Shreya Maheshwari (Author's Institution); Andrew Mude (International Livestock Research Institute)
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28 pages
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Field research


The Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) was developed by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) to insure poor pastoralists in Kenya and Ethiopia, who often lose their primary asset- livestock- to the region's severe droughts. IBLI has proven to have a substantial positive impact on the asset base and consumption activities of its intended beneficiaries. Yet IBLI's uptake has been lower than expected. Five years after its launch, IBLI now seeks to grow its coverage and impact. The case offers two growth options for IBLI. Firstly, it could choose a 'deepening' model, whereby it can focus only on growing further in its current locations of Kenya and Ethiopia. Another option before IBLI is to expand into multiple sites across the world - a 'broadening' model. This case asks students to develop a growth strategy for a specialized 'bottom of the pyramid' product, and the challenges and opportunities emerging from such a program. Students will consider various pressures from the market, governments, donors and partners faced by an organization running a socially beneficial, financial program. They will also explore when and how such a product should grow to scale, and the role that donor interests play in determining the direction of nonprofit projects. This case has been developed as part of a Microfinance course in an MBA and is generally aimed at graduate students. It would also be a good fit for: (1) a general management / strategy class dealing with expansion and scaling of operations; (2) a class on social entrepreneurship (3) a course on 'Financial services for the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) (4) an introductory finance class dealing with insurance (5) a class on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (6) a class on subsidies and sustainability. This case has been featured on our website, click to view the article.


Insurance; Microinsurance; Microfinance; Research; Livestock; Kenya; IBLI; Index-based insurance; Weather derivatives; Social entrepreneurship; Scaling; Bottom of the pyramid (BOP); NGO; Nonprofit; Subsidies
500-1000 employees
Other setting(s):
Set in September 2014, covering period from 2009

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