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Subject category: Marketing
Deepa Ittimani Tholath (Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA))
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Karthik who has inherited a small time match making agency with dreams of making it big in the online space comes across his own uncle's dilemma and realises that gone are the days when marriages in India were arranged by the traditional matchmakers who had complete details of the prospective brides and the grooms. With the advent of ecommerce, the traditional matchmaking business is side-lined and given way to a large number of online service providers which the country has never seen before. The online matrimonial industry in India is flooded with multiple players who are putting up a tough fight in order to differentiate themselves and stand out as the market leader. In a country like India where marriage is considered to be a sacred and prestigious ceremony, the final decision regarding the selection of bride or the groom is still largely vested with the parents. Indian parents in an attempt to find a prospective bride or groom for their child make use of these online matrimonial sites to get better matches at convenience. Technical ignorance relating to the usage of these websites by the end-users has made their experience with the service provider relatively unhappy which in turn damages the reputation of the service provider. There is also fear among the users that the profiles posted on these sites might be false or may contain misleading information. As the growth rate of the industry is alarmingly exponential there is a huge pressure on the service providers to differentiate themselves and increase their market share. So Karthik decides to find more about the consumer behavioural process of such users who are not tech savvy but keenly search for a prospective partner for their son/daughter using online matrimony service before taking his firm online.


Consumer and buyer behaviour

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