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Supporting video
Reference no. IMD-3-2437-V
Published by:
IMD (2014)
35 minutes
Data source:
Field research
This video supplements the case 'Digital Transformation at Novartis to Improve Customer Engagement'. The is in two parts and consists of seven sections. The instructor can show some or all sections of the video material based on the teaching objectives and the time available. PART I consists of three Novartis videos: Section 1 - Transforming customer engagement which provides a high-level overview of the digital transformation initiative at the start of the journey. Section 2 - A day in the life of a Novartis sales representative which shows Epstein introducing a demo of Novartis's new applications for the iPad. Section 3 - Digital Immersion workshop, October 2013 consists of David Epstein's opening speech at the workshop. PART II consists of four segments, which were recorded in an IMD classroom in June 2014: Section 1 - Personal introductions of Lita Sands and Achim Plueckebaum in which the two leaders of the program provide an overview of their professional backgrounds. Section 2 - David Epstein's leadership style from the perspective of Sands and Plueckebaum. Here Epstein introduces a demo of Novartis's new applications for the iPad. Section 3 - Challenges at the start of the program which provides Sands's and Plueckebaum's reflections on their experiences during the initial phases of the program. Section 4 - How to ensure take-up from the sales representatives provides the key success factors for achieving wide adoption.
Learning objectives:
1. Leading organisational transformation programmes. 2. New models of customer engagement in the pharmaceutical industry. 3. Harnessing the power of digital for strategic and operational change.
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