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Reference no. 316-0140-1
Compact case
Shahid Amin Bhat (ITM University Gwalior); Somen Mitra (ITM University Gwalior); Sunil Kumar (ITM University Gwalior)
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This case pertains to the emerging mutual fund industry which is a major contributor in the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) domain. It brings to light the intricacies of speed of service and its likely consequences on apparently appearing minor service failures which can have a devastating effect on the Company image. It stresses how skill, competence, perseverance and presence of mind is extremely important to keep the show going. This case will expose readers to the nature of working of mutual fund companies, their services requirements and the skill and competence needed to keep all stakeholders happy. This case also helps readers realize the sensitive impact of likely service failures, which can disturb the entire ecosystem of the concerned organizations. This case would also provide a food for thought for students who can visualize the importance of service delight and consequences of service failure in a real life setting.


Mutual fund industry; Delegation skills; Service and quality; Service failure; Multitasking

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