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Vera Rebiazina (National Research University, Higher School of Economics); Pavel Koval (National Research University, Higher School of Economics)
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Field research


The case is focused on the main changes in the marketing strategy of the Industrial Park 'Levoberezhniy'. Industrial Park 'Levoberezhniy' is an industrial area situated in Kirishi, the Leningrad Region, Russia. The industrial park is brownfield and allows to place up to first hazard class enterprises at the site. The objective of the case is to develop the competencies of b2b marketing strategy analysis on the basis of the Industrial Park 'Levoberezhniy'. The industrial park faces the strategic alternative: to create the additional value for the residents by forming the pool of complementary residents with synergetic production approach or to earn money faster by selling the land to any potential residents. This choice is challenging, because creating additional value by synergetic approach takes a lot of time and money and the final synergetic effect can't be easily predicted. It is quite difficult to figure out all possible interactions between potential residents and find out all possible forms of their cooperation. The objective of the current marketing strategy is aimed at increasing the amount of residents in the industrial park, capturing new b2b markets in Russia and finding the potential residents in the foreign market. However, at the moment top management of the company is not satisfied with the marketing strategy, as up to now Industrial Park 'Levoberezhniy' doesn’t have enough residents. The existing marketing and communication strategy has to be changed as the company plans to find the residents in the foreign market.


B2B marketing; Strategic marketing management; Value creation
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