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DEEP SHREE (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); MAHIM SAGAR (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
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Field research


The case study analyses the use of brand management as a tool for creation of awareness, engagement, and intervention for community empowerment by not-for-profit organizations, a sector which is traditionally believed to be unrelated to marketing in general and brand management in particular. The case study focuses on the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), which is the first of its kind force in the world for disaster response, disaster risk reduction, mitigation and disaster prevention. It exists for improving the disaster response mechanism in the country and to create an impact on lives of people who are living under constant fear of impending disasters. It acts as a carrier for impact creation by acting as a catalyst for bringing change and, thus, helping the community in becoming self-sustainable after certain time. The study analyses how NDRF is adopting brand management as a tool for fulfillment of its goals and for community empowerment. The research emphasizes on the fact that adoption of tools and practices of brand management in these unconventional sectors can further improve their impact on community. The case discusses the initiatives undertaken by NDRF in the areas of disaster response, awareness, recovery and community empowerment and the role played by branding in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the force and how such forces can be helpful in effectively and efficiently managing the disasters in today’s disaster-prone world.


Not-for-profit marketing; Not-for-profit brand; Public sector marketing; Brand management and branding; Awareness; Community empowerment; Engagement; Disaster management

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