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Subject category: Marketing
Penelope Muzanenhamo (UCD c/o Smurfit Graduate Business School)
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8 pages
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Field research


The thrust of this case study is on the challenge of turning a social and free (intangible) product into an income generating market offering. The case begins by highlighting the role of story telling, drama and theatre in disseminating knowledge and creating awareness of social issues among Africans. Featured in the case is a duo of artists identified by the pseudo name ‘Yours Truly’ (YT), and from a Southern African country denoted as SAF. YT performs very short skits mainly addressing socio-economic matters prevalent in the daily lives of Africans on the continent and in diaspora. Humour lays at the heart of the skits that are shared with the public on Facebook and YouTube. Seeing how the skits are increasingly becoming popular, YT has an opportunity to earn money from the creative entertainment. Yet it is challenging to do so, given that most African audiences often regard stories, drama and theatre as merely ‘free entertainment’.


Social media advertising; Africa going digital; African start-up; African artists

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