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Reference no. 117-0005-1
Marc Kitten (Imperial College London)
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10 pages
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The case centers on the fictional discovery of the technique of teleportation and on the optimal business model to develop for its rapid commercialisation. It links basic valuation methodologies with the 'guesstimate' approach popularized by Fermi and strategy consultancies. Students can also be tasked to build a business plan and a simple financing model
Learning objectives:
1. Develop or improve skills in company valuation techniques for a start-up in a new technology with unprecedented global disruption potential. 2. Understand the issues related to a limited-time monopoly situation requiring fast strategic and operational positioning. 3. Assess the availability and relevance of debt and private equity financing options in accordance with the nature of the project. 4. Build a small financing plan. 5. Identify and discuss ethical issues related to technological hazard, physical exclusion, and risk of exposition to criminal motivations.
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