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Reference no. 318-0236-1
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Birla Institute of Management Technology (2018)
21 pages
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IndiGo, a low-cost airline, started in early 2006, much later than its peers in the industry. This case looks at the growth of IndiGo, a start-up, which started late but turned out to be the most profitable of the airlines in India. The case, after giving an overall picture,deals with the phenomenal performance of IndiGo. It is the market leader in the domestic market. Currently, on the domestic front, IndiGo airlines is facing stiff competition from its peer airlines. SpiceJet, which happens to be its prime competitor is reviving and performing better on all parameters. There is continuous competition from new emerging airlines, which are equally well-equipped and seem to have a bright future. Of late, airlines of India are foraying in international aviation market which is huge with higher operational margins.IndiGo, too, has entered international arena and is tasting international waters. It is standing at crossroads as far as future growth is concerned. The airline has to decide whether to dive deep into the domestic market or focus on expansion abroad or to do both simultaneously.


Start-up; Growth strategy; Market penetration; International market; Corporate sustainability
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