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Reference no. 402-012-1
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London Business School (2002)
13 pages
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James Shaw joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a young employee but within a few months was in the midst of promoting a major new initiative for the firm: corporate social responsibility (sustainability). This case describes how a relatively junior person in an organisation can stimulate and provoke change. It explores the personal qualities and background of Shaw and others who became 'Fire-starters.' Using a wide variety of persuasion and political campaign-like techniques, they established a platform for promoting the sustainability initiative amongst senior partners in the firm, and ultimately Shaw and his colleagues became part of the firm's strategy group. Preliminary outcomes of their efforts are described at the end of the case. The case can be used to address issues such as: (1) bottom-up change; (2) persuasion tactics; (3) career development; (4) operating in professional service firms; and (5) change management.
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