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Reference no. 806-015-1
Prize winner
Compact case
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
London Business School (2006)
4 pages
Data source:
Field research


Marston Venture Management operated as the venture capital arm of a leading European business school and managed a growing portfolio of seed and pre-seed investments. Four new proposals were now being evaluated: (1) ProCom; (2) Oxiden; (3) Darian Holdings; and (4) Glencoren, each operating in different sectors and each at different stages of their product and business development. Charles Poulton, Marston's newest Investment Executive, had been asked for his view of which of these four businesses represented the most promising entrepreneurial opportunity. He knew that rival venture capitals had been approached - Marston would need to act quickly if it wanted to get involved. It was up to Poulton to decide which one to prioritise.


Entrepreneurship; Venture capital; Opportunity assessment
Less than 10 employees
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