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Reference no. 506-035-1
Subject category: Marketing
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IBS Research Center (2006)
9 pages
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Rasna, became a generic name in the Indian soft drink concentrate (SDC) market, with a market share of 93%. Rasna dominated the Indian market with its low price, extensive distribution network and innovative advertisements. Meanwhile, Tang (manufactured by Kraft Foods Incorporated) was the leader in the global SDC market. Tang had become popular in Latin America and emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, including the People''s Republic of China. In 2001, Tang ventured into India, attracted by the huge untapped soft drink market. But the company could not sustain the intense competition from Rasna and eventually left India. In September 2005, Rasna decided to enter Tang dominated markets such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Middle East, with an English sounding brand name ''Orchy''. The case ends with the question whether Rasna would be able to outsmart the global leader Tang (in its territory) as it did in India.


Rasna; Soft drink concentrate; Tang; Philip Morris Incorporated; Kraft Foods Incorporated; Altria Group; Piruz Khambatta; KJS India Private Limited; Market leader; Market share; Advertising; Distribution network; Marketing to children
93% market share
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