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Reference no. IMD-2-0122
Prize winner
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IMD (2005)
14 pages
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Field research


This is the first of a three-case series (IMD-2-0122 to IMD-2-0124). The case series centres on a new business model developed by Hindustan Lever (HLL) to tap the business and sustainability potentials hidden in rural India. It focuses on a win-win partnership with rural, female self-help groups (SHGs). HLL assists SHGs to access micro credit, which is usually restricted. SHGs in turn buy HLL products and sell them in their villages in a decentralised way, thus creating various opportunities for rural communities, such as training and income opportunities for women, as well as better overall living conditions for their families. The (A) case describes the cornerstones and key decisions reached during the inception phase of the project. It details the value chain and expected deliverables for the stakeholder groups. This first case of the series ends when the system has been set up and launched, but reveals none of the actual results.


Rural marketing; Sustainable marketing; Sustainability; Women in business; India
USD50 billion in sales
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2006 - oikos Case Writing Competition - first prize winner

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