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Reference no. 306-348-1
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IBS Research Center (2006)
16 pages
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Hallmark Inc, founded by JC Hall, gradually grew to become the market leader (with market share of 50%) in the social expression industry. Hallmark attained the leadership in the greeting card segment with a requisite knowledge base of employees and undertaking constant changes in brand management, distribution facilities, product differentiations and technological upgrade. In the meantime, Hallmark ventured into the entertainment business and started an entertainment channel, which also gained significant success. But due to the lack of appropriate back-up of a fully-fledged media partner, Hallmark felt it was difficult to manage its financial position and decided to exit from the entertainment business. In 2006, Hallmark decided to launch lifestyle magazines targeting the women''s segment. The case discusses how Hallmark, at regular intervals of time, pursued unrelated diversification. At the end it attempts to initiate the debate on whether Hallmark would be successful in the magazine business.


Hallmark Cards; JC Hall; Hallmark Entertainment Channel; Social expression products; Greeting cards; Diversification; Brand image; Hallmark Channel; Crown Media Holdings Inc; Magazines; American Greetings Corporation; Time Inc; Print services; Brand management
Market share 50% (2005)
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