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IBS Research Center (2006)
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Danfoss Inc was one of the largest industrial components manufacturing companies in Denmark. It engaged in the manufacturing of refrigeration controls, motion controls, compressors, and thermostats for household appliances. It had manufacturing facilities in four continents, branches and distributors in more than 100 countries, employed 17,000 employees across the world and reached global sales figures of 2.2 billion euros in 2004. After attaining market leadership in Denmark, Danfoss ventured into the Chinese market in 1995 and by 2005 it invested around US$100 million. Initially Danfoss catered to high and medium-end segments in China. Gradually Danfoss identified the immense opportunity available in the lower-end segments and in 2006 decided to employ local engineers, and engage in production of customised products for the lower-end segment customers. The case discusses the entry strategies undertaken by Danfoss while entering China, how it established its foothold in China and its present quest to serve the so far untapped low-end segment. The case discusses the challenges that Danfoss might face in its present journey.


Danfoss; Refrigeration industry; Motion controls; China; Denmark; Globalisation; guanxi; Emerson; Wuqing; Jorgen Clausen; Tianjin; Market leader; Low-end products; Industrial components
Sales USD123.5 million (2004)
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