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Reference no. 306-396-1
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IBS Research Center (2006)
25 pages
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The aviation industry in India underwent a major change in 1994, after the private operators were allowed to operate on scheduled routes. Although seven airlines began their operations, only two players survived. The case discusses in detail how the private airlines and the low cost carriers are trying to tap the huge potential available for them in India. Finally, the case highlights the challenges faced by these new entrants. The case includes a note on the low cost airlines of the US and UK.


Low cost carriers (LCCs); Aviation industry; Market potential; Middle class; Strategic management; Core competence; Competitive tariff; Indian Airlines; Air Deccan; Kingfisher Airlines; Spicejet; Go Air; Southwest Airlines; Ryanair; EasyJet
Low cost carriers market share 60% (2004)
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