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Reference no. 306-457-1
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IBS Research Center (2006)
20 pages
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Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Industry (GHCL), a Sanjay Dalmia Group company was India''s third largest soda ash manufacturer and also had a presence in the home textiles product and information technology enabled services (ITES) sector. With the abolition of quota regime in the textile industry, GHCL decided to strengthen its position further in the home textiles industry. In December 2005, it acquired Dan River, the third largest home textiles player in the US for US$93 million. GHCL with the help of its low cost manufacturing facility in India, planned to leverage the strong distribution channel of Dan River which spread across China and Pakistan. Moreover, GHCL was confident to emerge as a global player in the home textiles industry with future acquisitions planned in England, Germany, France and Italy. The analysts were sceptical about the global aspirations of GHCL as it possessed a low presence in the textile sector. The case discusses GHCL''s global foray into home textiles industry and the challenges ahead of it.


Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Industry (GHCL); Dan River; Soda ash; Textiles; Home furnishings; Acquisition; Distribution channel; Market share; Market potential; Quota regime; Global player; Market diversification; Restructuring; Roseby
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