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IBS Research Center (2006)
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The development of technology and increased usage of the Internet gave the traditional social networking concept a new dimension., a social networking website launched in 2004, became successful within a short period of time. MySpace offered services such as blogs, messaging, member searching, music and events. By 2006, MySpace with a market share of 75.56% became the leader among the social networking websites and in March 2006, it was ranked as second most viewed website (by page views) in the US. The popularity of networking websites had drawn many popular sites to launch their own social network sites. The competition had become intense. Further, the US Federal Communications Commission introduced legal amendments to control the activities of social networking websites and their misuse. In the cluttered maze of networking sites how would MySpace maintain its leadership?


MySpace; Social networking website industry; News Corporation; Rupert Murdoch; Product differentiation; Market leader; Acquisition; Consumer behaviour; Social image; Diversification; Revenue model;;; Cingular Wireless
Market share 75.56% (2006)
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