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Case from journal
Reference no. NAC2115
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
NACRA - North American Case Research Association (2001)
in "The Case Research Journal"
18 pages
Data source:
Field research


Helene Massicotte is a twenty-two year old entrepreneur, co-owner and Manager of The Puzzle Store, (TPS) located in The Forks Market in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has a strong attachment to TPS for many reasons but also realizes that in its present form its financial upside is limited and its demands on her time are heavy. Accordingly, Helene is contemplating a number of ways to grow the business after she takes a planned MBA. However, an opportunity has suddenly arisen to backward integrate into production of puzzles, but requires a prompt decision. Helene must decide if this strategy is the best way to grow the business, and if so, how to balance such a major undertaking with her personal plans to pursue an MBA. As an undercurrent to both these decisions, Helene must also decide if indeed TPS has enough potential to figure in her future career.


Entrepreneurship; Small / family business; Strategy; Career management

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