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Reference no. E257
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
Stanford Business School (2007)
6 June 2007
33 pages
Data source:
Field research


Presents the strategic dilemmas faced by a foreign venture capital (VC) firm with over one decade of making cross-border investments in Asia - with particular emphasis in China. Set in the 2006-07 time frame as the investment environment in China is triggered by an accelerated inflow of capital, raises the question of how WI Harper should best leverage its regional expertise before raising its next fund. Other dilemmas faced by the firm include: (1) re-evaluating its approach to cross-border investments; (2) retaining its investment principles; and (3) dealing with the growing pains of evolving from an informally managed regional fund to a blue-chip, institution-backed global fund. Most importantly, uses WI Harper''s Chinese presence to illustrate the effects of a heated investment environment on an incumbent VC firm, allowing for a balanced discussion about its strategic alternatives given an increasingly global investment environment.


Globalization; Global investing; Entrepreneurship; Global strategy; Fund raising; Angel investing; Limited partnerships; Harvesting

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