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Oliver Alexy (TUM School of Management); Joachim Henkel (TUM School of Management); Gerald Hopf (TUM School of Management); Winfried Mundl (TUM School of Management)
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Field research


By late 2006, Juergen Bauer, Head of Product Strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises of Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) is reviewing the company''s competitive situation. Over the past years, technical leaps have led to considerable change in the industry and the advent of new competition in the form of the open source software product Asterisk is not exactly putting a halt to this. On the contrary, this even seems to exacerbate the problems that are pressing SEN already. Based on a thorough analysis of its current market position and potential opportunities and threats, Bauer will need to propose certain adjustments to SEN''s strategy so that the firm will successfully be able to face the future.


Strategy; Corporate strategy; Technology strategy; Disruptive innovation; Architectural innovation; Technology and innovation management; Open source software (OSS); Open innovation; Paradigm shift; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); Telecommunications; IT; Internet
15,000 employees
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