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Published by:
Stanford Business School (2004)
5 May 2004
12 pages
Data source:
Field research


Following the dot-com bubble burst in August 2001, Libby Sartain, new Chief of People and Senior Vice-President (VP) of Human Resources at Yahoo!, must determine the direction of human resources management at the traumatized media company. Suffering revenues, a collapsed stock price, several executive resignations, and recent layoffs have created anxiety and fear among employees. Furthermore, new CEO Terry Semel, former co-CEO of Warner Brothers, had arrived in May but had not yet provided his new plan for the company. Considers how Sartain, previously VP of people at Southwest Airlines, understands the problems facing Yahoo! and the role of human resources in facilitating organizational renewal.


Human resources management; Change management; Internet; Organizational behavior; Leadership; Brands

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