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Reference no. 309-037-1
R Venkatraman (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT))
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25 pages
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Field research


This case traces the success story of Compulink which had been co-founded by two young entrepreneurs, essentially as an outsourcing service provider organisation. After the initial success as a product development service provider, the shift in the strategy of the organisation with increasing focus on intellectual property generation, and the attendant problems faced by Compulink are highlighted. The case demonstrates the conscious attempts by the management in projecting Compulink as an organisation focused on long-term growth at the cost of some short-term pains, and in the process brings out the key factors relevant in the nurturing of a growing company as it tries to spread its wings globally. The case starts and ends with some key questions relating to strategic options faced by the promoters.


Business strategy; Marketing; Product management; India; Services execution management
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