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Loizos Heracleous (Warwick Business School); Angeliki Papachroni (Warwick Business School)
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35 pages
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This case begins by describing Apple's near bankruptcy during the 1990s, and its remarkable turnaround under Steve Jobs since 1997. The competitive landscape in the PC industry is outlined and Apple's key strategic decisions during the 1990s, including Jobs' key strategic actions to accomplish Apple's turnaround are noted. Apple's culture, approach to strategic human resource management, and innovative capacity are explored, including Apple's approach of 'deep collaboration'. A key strategic issue noted in the case is Apple's strategy of maintaining a proprietary, integrated system of hardware and software which is in contrast with the approach of most other technology firms. The case ends with a forward-looking section, and by reiterating Apple's strategic challenges by 2012. The target audiences for this case are: (1) advanced strategy, leadership or innovation students (MBAs and MScs); and (2) executive education participants in strategy, leadership or innovation courses.

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


Strategic leadership; Strategic innovation; Strategic alignment; Industry analysis; Strategic thinking; Corporate governance


The events covered by this item took place in 1997-2012.

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United States

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Computers, consumer electronics

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