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Reference no. E186
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
Stanford Business School (2005)
20 June 2005
7 pages
Data source:
Field research


This case examines three fictional vignettes concerning ethical dilemmas in the sales force. The vignettes are directed at presenting the perspective of the CEO or VP of Sales. The fictional company around which these three vignettes center is called Lundberg Systems, a company that develops call center solutions, including call distribution systems, headsets and call center software. The first vignette presents a situation where a VP of Sales must decide whether or not to take advantage of a junior employee in order to win new business. The second vignette describes an incident of a potential sexual harassment by a customer to a junior employee. The third vignette presents a situation of a potentially questionable accounting practice.


Ethics; Sales management; Accounting procedures; Sexual harassment; Management of crises; Loyalty

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