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Stanford Business School (2005)
17 December 2004
31 pages
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Field research


Capital One CEO and founder, Rich Fairbank, had much to be proud of both in terms of his and co-founder Nigel Morris'' accomplishments and the accomplishments of Capital One. However, he and Morris didn''t want to rest on their laurels. In 2000, they called a meeting with their senior managers to assess the company''s strategy. Specifically, Fairbank wondered whether the company had executed on the optimal strategy throughout its history and whether the company''s strategy was consistent, yet fluid and flexible, during changing times. Also, had the various functions optimally aligned with the company''s strategy? Other financial companies imitated Capital One''s successes. Fairbank wanted to ensure that the company remained ahead of the competition, while maintaining its culture of testing and innovation.


Strategy formulation; Credit cards; Strategy implementation

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