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INSEAD (2009)
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The case entitled 'How a US Consumer Products Company Unlocked the Three Tiers of Noncustomers' illustrates how new demand is created by looking to noncustomers instead of just competing for a share of the existing customers of an industry. The case prompts the students to consider how new demand was created in the cell phone, computer and air travel industries by unlocking the three tiers of noncustomers. This case provides the conceptual backdrop to an accompanying interactive class exercise called 'Blue Ocean Strategy Noncustomer Exercise: The Case of Gillette' which is a full PowerPoint presentation that is free for instructor download at The PowerPoint presentation is built around Gillette's introduction of the first safety razors with disposable blades in 1903 which created new demand by reaching beyond the existing customers of straight razors at home and in the barber shop. This case and the accompanying interactive Gillette exercise come with a comprehensive teaching note and are excellent for both MBAs and executives.


Strategy; Blue Ocean Strategy; Non-customers; Desegmentation; Demand creation; New market space; Growth; Market creation

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