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Reference no. 109-035-1
Compact case
S Vijayakumar Bharathi (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT))
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4 pages
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Generalised experience


This case attempts to clarify the understanding on the foundation of managerial accounting and costing function through a simple business scenario of pot-making otherwise known as pottery. The case is written as a story and is about a fictitious character named Paari, an earthenware potter in a rural setting in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, India. The essence of the case is to make the students identify the various types of expenses that are incurred during the process of pot-making and how such expenses are understood from a cost accounting perspective and applied to product costing. The relationship between expenses and cost and also the classification of cost based on behavior, has been brought out in the case. At the end of the case the students will be able to understand the inter-relationship between cost accounting and financial accounting functions in a business.


Pottery; Commercialisation; Cartload; Plant and Machinery; Capacity; Rent; Transportation; Commission

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