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Reference no. 310-031-4
Alexandre Perrin (AUDENCIA); Jean-Phillippe Raffard (Sciences Com)
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Field research


This Excel spreadsheet is to accompany the case ''310-031-1''. The abstract of the case is as follows: The ARTE case study is about the competitive dynamics in an emerging market and the development of economic models for audiovisual services via the Internet. In the last few years, the French audiovisual sector has been dramatically influenced by the digitalisation of content. Producers of content, such as TV channels, are now offering ''video on demand'' (VOD) services that allow consumers to rent or buy videos on the Internet (via their websites or third-party distributors such as i-Tunes) and watch it on a computer, on a portable player or on a HD TV. For the students, the aim of the discussion is to carry out an analysis of the value chain of on-demand sales, to identify the ''profit pools'' and to draw up recommendations for ARTE France Developpement. For the instructor, the pedagogical objective is to show students the movement towards greater integration within the value chain and the importance of defining a coherent business model which takes into account the competitive environment. The originality of this pedagogical case comes from the nature of the activity. VOD is a totally dematerialised service business and the study of this sheds light on the new trends relating to the consumption of audiovisual programmes.


Strategy; Video on demand; Value chain; Profit pools; Competition; Competitive forces; Media; iTunes; Margin; Apple; France; TV channel; VOD (video on demand); SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats); IPTV (Internet protocol television)
30 employees
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April 2009

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