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Reference no. 317-0106-1
Thomas Durand (CNAM - Conservatoire national des arts et métiers)
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12 pages
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This Maldivian beach resort is faced with major changes in the environment: global warming affecting the coral reefs, massive influx of tourists coming from China. After refurbishing and extending the resort villas, the new general manager needs to think of a new strategy. This implies a business model with revenues that secure profitability and ethical choices regarding whether to select or not guests according to regions of origin, while preserving the natural beauty of the island. This case has been featured on our website, click to view the article.
Learning objectives:
1. Identifying strategic issues. 2. Grasping the ethical issue of selecting guests according to regions of origin. 3. Understanding the two drivers of profitability in the hospitality business, revenue per available room and occupancy rate. 4. Designing and quantifying strategic options.
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