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SDA Bocconi (2020)
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24 pages
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Field research


The case analyses the dynamics in the agricultural machinery sector looking at post-acquisition strategies of SDF, an Italian-based and family-owned agricultural machinery company. Through the study of SDF's internationalization process, the case enables evaluation of the development of learning mechanisms that have improved integration processes, both human and operational, between the target company and the Corporate Headquarters (CH). Examining six acquisitions that the company operated over the course of 20 years, these processes are presented highlighting both the cultural, administrative, geographical and economic distances between countries and organizations in combination (Human Integration), and the operational synergies among the target company and the CH (Operational Integration). This perspective has been proposed to enable the understanding of the impact of post-acquisition process on company performance.


Internationalization process; Cage distance framework; Post-acquisition strategies; Human and operational integration in post-acquisition processes

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