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Paul Ammann (Bern University of Applied Sciences); Peter Burkhalter (Bern University of Applied Sciences)
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Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the computer-aided extension of the perception of reality. We live in a three-dimensional environment, but most of the data is locked in two-dimensional pages and computer screens. This gap between the real and the digital world limits our using the available data. AR overcomes this limitation as it displays digital information overlaid onto our real world. In this case study, students discuss the potential use of AR based on a specific business situation. Machine Building Company is considering introducing AR for its service area. It is crucial for the success in service to provide staff and customers with rich information such as the service history, access to the spare parts database and information on known problems. Maintenance can be assisted by displaying information to a technician without having him/her to search for that in a repair manual. In this case study, students discuss first the strategic issues, ie students prepare a SWOT, process analysis, opportunities and risks-overview and the investment potential for the proposed project. In a second step, students discuss IT-related issues, such as the handling of hype topics in a company and the introduction of AR applications.


Augmented Reality (AR); Service process; Digitalization; Change management; Management of hype topics; Opportunities and challenges of the machine industry; New service business model for machine manufacturers


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