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Reference no. ESMT-711-0122-4A
Compact case
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ESMT European School of Management and Technology (2011)
19 May 2011
4 pages
Data source:
Generalised experience
This supplement is to accompany the case. The case study, which serves (in combination with two case supplements) as information for a negotiation exercise, describes the joint venture negotiation between Mr Hartmut Holgebretsen, vice president of sales at Euroland Motors, in the English-speaking country of Norland (in North-West Europe), and Mr Wu Chang, deputy president at Munchao Motors Import (MMI) in the country of Munchao (East Asia). The negotiation takes place after the agreement on an initial 'Letter of Intent.' However, MMI now wants to reopen a few issues before signing a final contract on the import of gas and diesel engines. The case study itself contains 'General information' that is available to both negotiation parties. In separate case supplements, Supplement (A): 'Negotiation brief for Euroland Motors' and Supplement (B): 'Negotiation brief for MMI,' the two parties receive confidential information that is exclusively for them and should not be made available to the other party before the negotiation exercise. The case combines three levels for discussion: (a) business issues, (b) cross-cultural issues, and (c) ethical issues (especially 'dirty' negotiation tricks, intellectual property rights, confidential information, and corruption). The exercise allows students to realize the interrelatedness of these three dimensions and the fact that the involved parties can negotiate on all three levels.
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