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Magdalena Oberseder (WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business)); Elisabeth Goetze (WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business)); Anna-Maria Saupper (WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business)); Christian Wilhelmer (WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business))
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18 pages
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Field research
Christopher Meyer, the CSR manager of McDonald’s Austria, was depressed. The reason for his bad mood was a study showing that only very few McDonald’s customer had recognized the new green restaurant design reflecting the company’s environmental commitment. As if this was not enough, the report also suggested that customers did not perceive McDonald’s as a socially responsible company. Christopher Meyer is in charge of analyzing and solving the problem. He starts with listing McDonald’s CSR activities, structuring them according to McDonald’s stakeholders. Then he reads the study report in order to get an idea of the customer awareness of McDonald’s CSR commitment. That is when the case ends and the reader is asked to assume the role of Christopher Meyer to explore why the corporate and the customer perspective on McDonald’s CSR commitment differ. The reader is also asked to find a way for McDonald’s to cope with this situation. This case has been featured on our website, click to view the article.
Prizes won:
2014 - The Case Centre Awards - category winner
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