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Reference no. SM104
Published by:
Stanford Business School (2014)
30 January 2014
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30 pages
Data source:
Field research


This is part of a case series. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is the oldest and largest repertory theater company in the United States. During its 1999-2003 planning cycle, the Festival completed a USD23 million capital campaign and built a new theatre. The Festival had to overcome local resistance to plans for the theatre and personnel issues during the five year period of the plan. This case reviews the Festival's internal and external situation in 2002 and gives an in-depth examination of the organization's long-term planning process for the 1999-2003 plan.


Strategic planning; Strategic planning for non-profit organization; Strategy for performing arts organization; Theatre industry analysis; Personnel issues; External relations issues
250 employees, USD15-20 million revenues
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