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IBS Center for Management Research (2012)
17 pages
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This case is about the digital marketing strategies of leading sportswear and apparel company, Nike, aimed at reaching its target audience. Nike, which is regarded as a marketing powerhouse, started its digital marketing initiatives when it first launched its website 'Nike.com' in 1996 and its online store in 1999. Nike launched a service called 'NikeiD' in 2005 which allowed its customers to design their own shoes online. The company then delivered these shoes to them. Nike later expanded its presence across social networking sites which were increasingly being used by its core customer base. It even launched its own social networking service called Nike+ in 2006. Customers could share their data regarding running records and other health statistics with other users through Nike+. In 2010, Nike launched a new business division called Nike Digital Sport (NDS). The objective of NDS was to develop devices and technologies which would allow its users to track their performance while helping the company get a hold over some vital consumer data. NDS released a new product called 'FuelBand' which could track the energy output of the wearer of the band when he/she was exercising. Over time, Nike reduced its focus on traditional marketing strategies and increased its spending on digital marketing.

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Information and communication technology; Social media; Communication; Marketing communications; Digital marketing strategies; Brand management; Brand evolution; On-line communities; Social network; Ambush marketing; Social Brand Score; Facebook brands; Brand value


The events covered by this item took place in 2004-2012.

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Sportswear and apparel