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Cranfield School of Management (2012)
1 pages
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Field research
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This is an online case. Download the inspection copy for access details. This multimedia case contains extensive video interviews with the founder of CitizenM Hotels, Michael Levie and some of his key staff in Amsterdam. CitizenM broke the mould in designing and creating a customer value proposition that is highly regarded by the customer segments they have targeted. However, Michael argues that he and his co-founders had to make a clean break from traditional management and culture in this part of the service sector because it was so 'strait-jacketed' that it was impossible to be radical. The case covers multiple areas of interest, from their use of social media, to their daily operations and maintenance interactions, to their novel use of hi-tech lighting and communications, to specialist recruitment techniques. The interviewees describe what it’s like to work at CitizenM and how there is no ‘hotel style’ 'business-as-usual'. CitizenM has been called the 'funkiest hotel in the world'. At the time of writing this case, they have 3 hotels opened and 7 in planning or construction. The case presents aspects of CitizenM’s unique business model and service operations configuration, and challenges students to analyse the elements that have resulted in their success and growth. This case was written for use by masters level students and executive education delegates exploring innovation and service operations.


Business model innovation; Service operations; Supply chain; Disruptive innovations; Change management; Social media; Business startups
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November 2012

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