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Babson College (2012)
June 2012
18 pages
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The Trump in Scotland case introduces students to the benefits and costs of foreign direct investment with a backdrop of Donald Trump's investment in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The protagonist in the case, Sarah Malone, has been offered a new position with the Trump Organization in which she would be required to articulate the benefits that Trump's new golf course project could bring to her community. Malone has strong ties to the community in Aberdeenshire and cares deeply about promoting and maintaining Scotland's dynamic heritage. Before she accepts the position, Malone must consider if Trump's proposed investment would be good for Scotland. This £1 billion project has been a source of serious controversy; Trump received criticism from environmental groups, the government, and local citizens as he sought the project's approval. This case provides opportunities for students to explore foreign direct investment theory within the context of several popular topics, including golf, the environment, and Scotland.


Foreign direct investment (FDI); International finance; Ethics; Sustainability

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