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Reference no. BAB1022CJR
Compact case
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Babson College (2012)
June 2012
3 pages
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This is the first of a two-party negotiation. This exercise is a simple two-party negotiation with the possibility of integrative solutions. The situation places each party in the position of a co-founder of a start-up firm. The firm was created by two colleagues who knew each other from graduate business school. One party brings technological expertise and the technological innovation at the heart of the product idea to the start-up while the other brings financial resources and expertise to the start-up. As time has progressed and they begin to seek funding, they hit a bump in the road with respect to defining roles, decision-making responsibilities, and the division of equity. The roles are deliberately labeled only with initials so that each student is free to imagine themselves in the role they are assigned. KB is focused on technical solutions and has a goal to become a source of 'green' solutions to change the world. JR is focused on business growth and performance and has a goal to achieve funding, growth and the potential to exit and 'play again.' Their relationship is deteriorating and there are conflicting interests, at least at the start of the negotiation. This is one of the tougher areas for creating influence in organizational life.
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