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Compact case
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
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INSEAD (2012)
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5 pages
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The Simplex Solutions multi-media decision scenario outlines the evolution of a software venture with a new technology that could find application in very diverse markets. The two co-founders (who have a technical background) decide to expand the entrepreneurial team by bringing in financial and marketing expertise to propel the venture to the next stage. The specific strategic decision facing them is to choose a candidate from the shortlist for the positions of chief financial officer (CFO) and chief marketing officer (CMO). To explore issues related to top management team expansion in a start-up venture, specifically those aspects of team composition that drive predictable team dynamics in a start-up context. The decision scenario enables a realistic discussion of theoretical concepts such as a team's demographic diversity, expertise and fault-lines, and their implications for performance in a new venture setting.


Entrepreneurship; Top management team; Diversity; Team expansion; Hiring; Human resources; Teams; Venture Team

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