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Babson College (2012)
December 2012
32 pages
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Field research
This is part of a case series. Katrin Muff, a Swiss serial entrepreneur in her thirties, having just turned down the opportunity to become a partner in a Swiss film production company, is unexpectedly offered the opportunity to become Dean of her alma mater, Business School Lausanne. BSL is a small business school offering BBA, MBA, and DBA degrees, and it is part of the privately held and family-controlled Lemania Group of schools in Switzerland. Even though she is initially sceptical about her fit with an academic-administrator role, she decides that the challenge of reshaping her old school may present a rare opportunity to build an organization that could influence many lives. She is further swayed when informed that she was the unanimous choice of the confidential search committee, composed of the CEO of the Group, the President of BSL, and the retiring Dean. There is a 3-part video, for instructors, meant to be used in conjunction with the case series, starts with a short segment on The Challenge and the Person. This part of the video is designed to provide 'real person' exposure to the protagonist, and it also explores Katrin’s reasons for taking such an unconventional job. The second segment, The Process: Sailing with and into the Wind, gives some of Katrin’s thinking behind various moves she made, and it provides a first-hand account of what it was like driving - and living through - the changes, and the joys and pains of implementing radical change in an academic institution. The last segment, Outcomes: Lessons on Leading Change, summarizes what she learned in the process of reshaping BSL that may have relevance to other change situations, academic or otherwise.
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