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Cranfield School of Management (2013)
6 pages
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The case covers the campaign by Greenpeace against the Indonesian company Golden Agri Resources (GAR), over allegations that GAR’s palm oil production techniques were contributing to rapid deforestation and increasing CO2 emissions. The case explores the options open to GAR in the face of the Greenpeace campaign; and in the process, examines different views about corporate responsibility and development priorities. It also touches on the legitimacy and impacts of NGO campaigns. The case illustrates a number of important points such as a clash of management cultures; wise decision-making when facing perfect storm of media swarming; and supply chains and reputational risks.


Sustainable development; Corporate responsibility; NGO campaign and corporates; Crisis management; Western campaigning NGOs versus emerging market companies; Palm oil production and deforestation; Global governance (governments versus NGOs); Immediate economic development versus long-term environmental priorities, and competing world-views of development priorities
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