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Spanish language
Subject category: Marketing
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13 pages
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Generalised experience


This is a Spanish version. This is part of a case series. Two years after developing Dr Cartucho, Milton and his new partner José, thought about what would be the best strategy to grow their business. Due to their success, Dr Cartucho had become a franchise and started to grow rapidly throughout certain areas of Caracas. Although all points were visible, and had good location, some people appeared to not be interested in the service (West), while in others, the acceptance was immediate (East). In contrast, foreign growth had been excellent. While new franchisees offered to open new stores in Caracas’s west, Milton and José worried because they knew that whenever they approached the west, the concept had apparently not permeated as it had in the East. This case can be used in academic and executive education programs in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and services.


Family business; Marketing; Pharmaceutical industry; Value preposition
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