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IMD (2013)
10 pages
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Field research
This is part of a case series. The two-part Chateauform case series, with video and PowerPoint supplement, is about creating and delivering an outstanding customer experience in a services company. Chateauform, a European provider of venues for company meetings, training events and workshops, was founded in 1996 by Jacques Horovitz, a marketing professor and international consultant. After observing how poorly hotels and event organizers catered to the needs of corporate customers, Jacques saw the opportunity to differentiate by designing and delivering all the elements that would elevate an average, good-enough event into a unique and memorable experience. The A case examines the innovation elements in Chateauform's go-to-market model and invites participants to evaluate how you take customer experiences 'from good to great,' ie 'from vanilla to wow,' and build an innovative business model that allows a company to outsmart the competition and continue to grow in a commoditized service industry. The B case addresses two questions: 1) How has Chateauform navigated the European recession so far? 2) What strategic options are available to management to maintain growth?
Learning objectives:
1. To craft a persuasive customer promise that resonates with each stakeholder within the target customer. 2. To understand what customers really want by linking consumer values and benefits to the attributes offered by a services company. 3. To apply service blueprinting in order to design new processes and optimize existing ones. 4. To design a business model that allows a service firm to deliver more value while keeping service delivery costs lower. 5. To identify alternative growth avenues in an unfavorable economic environment.
France, Europe, Venue provider for conferences, hospitality, 2013, In 2012 revenue of EUR92.7 million, 865 employees
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