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Copenhagen Business School (CBS) (2013)
11 pages
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Generalised experience


The case is a fictional case that allows students to apply their quantitative analytical skills in a real-life company case. The case requires that students study the situation within the firm and account for the nuances of the characters, analyse the data provided to them and make managerial recommendations to the firm. The case’s perspective is that the students are acting as external consultants to an airline, Air Nordic, and its CSR manager. Air Nordic is considering investing in winglet technology or a carbon offsetting programme. The head of the CSR department has asked an outside firm for their analyses. Using the industry data provided the class can analyse whether a carbon offsetting programme is a good initiative, or whether winglets or status quo is the best option. This case is part of the CBS free case collection (visit for more information on the collection).


Sustainability; Corporate social responsibility (CSR); Aviation; Airline; Carbon offset; Statistics; Regression; Industry analysis
2,000 employees
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Fall 2012

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