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Amity Research Centers (2013)
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As the virtual space had been gaining new horizon with every passing moment, there had been innumerable interactive web projects to make a difference in the province of healthcare management. Believing that a vibrant online existence could enormously empower marketing acumens, many healthcare concerns went all out to strengthen their online presence. In the process, many exhilarating work happened to interconnect healthcare and technology. In September 2013, marking one of its latest initiatives, the search giant Google launched Calico, its latest venture to change things in the healthcare industry. To all intents and purposes, the new project aimed to work out the ways to cure diseases besides counteracting the process of aging. The CEOs of both Google and Calico were quite optimistic about the venture. However, there had been a flurry of conjectures coming from all around. One important lesson could be Google's capacity to create unrivalled access to data as an aid to work out ambitious and innovative business ventures in the realm of healthcare. Besides, the able leadership of Calico's CEO Art Levinson was hoped to enable the company to go about ambitious long term healthcare plans down the line. However, the thing to debate was the likelihood of the new venture to ultimately power Google's huge cloud and data centres for enabling effective solutions to aging and related health problems. This case is part of the Amity Research Centers free case collection (visit for more information on the collection).


Google Health; e-Therapy; End-of-life care; Google Glass; 23andMe; Google+; Calico
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