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Harvard Business Publishing (2013)
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"Play to Win: How Strategy Really Works"
31 pages


Play to Win: How Strategy Really Works is an 8-chapter books published in 2013 by Harvard Business Review Press and written by former Procter & Gamble CEO AG Lafley and Rotman School of Management Dean Roger L. Martin. The authors present a framework for creating strategy based on a decade of work at P&G. The framework is a strategic choice cascade, made up of 5 decision points that apply to companies of all sizes and in all markets. The model guides leaders in making choices around a winning aspiration, where to play, how to win, core capabilities, and management systems and is enriched by using the context of P&G's experience. The authors provide perspectives on how to put the framework into practice, offering practical tips and personal insights. In Chapter 1, Strategy Is Choice (28 pages), the authors use the story of P&G's revitalization of the Oil of Olay brand to introduce their strategic framework, a 'strategic choice cascade' of five questions that help a company develop a shared understanding of its strategy and the plan to achieve it. The authors look at each question in the framework as well as the interaction among them. This chapter is excerpted from ‘Play to Win: How Strategy Really Works'.


Growth strategy; Strategy management; Competitive advantage

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