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Patrick Reinmoeller (Cranfield University); Alessandro Giudici (The Business School (formerly Cass))
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24 pages
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Field research


This is part of a case series. This case series focuses on the complex sources of success of Sense Worldwide, a London-based creative agency, and its quest to adapt and change in tune with its environment to maintain its competitive advantage. It has been developed with a particular attention to introductory courses on strategic management, innovation and idea generation because it supports a complete analysis and integration between classic approaches to external analysis and more recent, internally oriented lens. Part (A) allows for a discussion of the context in the start-up phase and of the core competences and capabilities that helped it become successful. Part (A) can be used to assess Sense Worldwide’s strategy using popular themes such as industry analysis, SWOT analysis, the resource based view, and the dynamic capability view. Part (B) provides material for discussing the company`s method, its development over time and the consequences of external change on its business model. Part (B) can thus be used to show the dynamics of internal and external change by allowing for a comparison of Sense Worldwide’s evolution over time in terms of changing strategic positioning and key resources, processes and capabilities. Taken together, the two parts of the case series encourage in-depth discussion on focused topics such as starting up or business idea generation, co-creation and open innovation. It can also be used to discuss a more transversal theme such as knowledge creation.


Co-creation; Consultancy; Open innovation; User innovation; Dynamic capabilities; Knowledge creation; Idea generation; Innovation; Industry analysis; Resource based view; SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats); Strategic renewal; Business model; Social media

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