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Jan-Benedict EM Steenkamp (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Published in:
February 2014
43 pages
Data source:
Field research
Hua Fang, General Manager of Shanghai VIVE, and Joe Wang, Managing Director (CEO) of Shanghai Jahwa United Co Ltd (Jahwa), are reviewing the first three years of Jahwa’s premium cosmetics brand, Shanghai VIVE. With global sales of US$95.9 billion in 2012 - including US$5.5 billion in China - and high profit margins, premium cosmetics are a very attractive segment of the huge beauty and personal care market, and Shanghai VIVE is China’s first luxury brand in this category. Jahwa had adopted a cautious product expansion strategy since its launch in August 2010 in order to respect return on investment (ROI) requirements. Initial market response in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu had been positive, and Messrs Fang and Wang have to decide what to do next.
Learning objectives:
1. To develop an understanding of the conditions, strengths, and limitations of conquering markets through a cultural branding strategy. 2. To examine the role of celebrities and myths in brand building. 3. To explore the strategic options for a medium-sized specialised competitor in a global industry. 4. To explore the challenges faced by an emerging market company in moving into a category dominated by Western brands.
China, Premium cosmetics, 2013, USD95 billion
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