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Compact case
Ketan Gandhi (KgGuruji Academy)
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Nital Shah, a consultant at RCG Consulting & Services (RCGCS) confronts an ethical dilemma situation while working on one of the most important assignments for overseas client RS Technologies, Denmark. The assignment of market research requires the cost structure of the competitor's system and control system algorithm. It was difficult to collect this information except from a former employee of a competitor of RS Technologies, who is now a freelance consultant. Nital feels uneasy while asking this information of him without divulging her identity and the true reason for her inquiry. Nital is concerned that gathering information from him may be illegal. Nital knows the importance of this project for her and the company and that successful completion, means huge repeat business from the client and will lead to her promotion as a partner. Nital wonders, whether RCGCS's objectives and her own ambitions warrant the violation of principles, values and conviction she holds as important, necessary evils, tasks that require unavoidable harms in order to advance a purpose. Nital must decide whether to maintain her values and high degree of integrity, that have always been an integral part of her behaviour and work, or to compromise and 'complete the project', or rather to leave this project to other analysts interested in it.


Ethics; Consultancy; Values; India; Developing country; Denmark; Market research; Professional service firm; Integrity; Trade secret; Proprietory information; Ethical dilemma; Carer growth; Organisation culture; Team behaviour; Leadership
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